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Online Therapy

I offer Counselling, Psychotherapy and EMDR sessions to individuals and couples living across India and overseas.

It is extremely essential we have an initial session period to figure out if online therapy is suitable for you.

You have the right not to continue after a few sessions for reasons of your own. If I feel online
therapy is not a good fit for you I will discuss it with you as well.

It is mandatory for all online clients to provide me proof of their identity, for instance, passport and current address. It is a part of the therapy policies that clients have to provide the phone number and email address of their family or close friend. This will be used in case of emergency and if any risk issues come up.

I strive to provide a safe, warm and comfortable online therapy experience however, please
understand that very rarely technical difficulties can emerge and we might have to reschedule our sessions.

Every individual deserves support and they can choose to gain help from psychotherapy however since I work online I choose to only work with well-functioning individuals experiencing a range of difficulties. In case there are any risk issues involved like harm to self or harm to others or lack of support I will refer you to other mental health professionals.

Before we meet for our initial session I would be sending you the therapy policies so please take time to go through and sign them.

Studies have shown that therapy delivered online is comparable to in-person therapy. In fact, it has added advantages such as being able to access therapists outside your geographical location, saving your travel time and you to access it from the comfort of your own home, office, or even a (parked) car - anywhere safe and private.

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