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My Therapeutic Approach

Life is full of wonderful and beautiful moments but humans sometimes endure painful or traumatic experiences. We then seek different mediums for support, to understand and heal. One such powerful medium to heal is Psychotherapy. If you allow me I will be your companion in this journey called Psychotherapy. I come with empathic abilities to understand what you are feeling and the skills as a Psychologist to help you process difficult emotions.

I am an integrative therapist this is to say that I have studied and practised various evidence-based psychotherapies. This also means I can help you in different ways to work through a range of challenges and complex emotions. Over the years I have learned to integrate the therapies I am trained in based on clients' individual needs. With healthy relatedness, deeply meaningful discussions, gentle challenging of life scripts- psychotherapy will help you process your patterns, gain many tools and enable you to have a choice about how you would like to live your life.

Therapy is a unique journey for every individual. Our work will be safe, non-judgemental and relational in other words, I facilitate growth through the therapeutic attachment you and I will share. I will be attuned to you as a person and as a professional keeping in mind the therapeutic boundaries. I welcome all parts of you in therapy, parts that are vulnerable, parts that were shamed, angry, and scared as well as your strengths and gifts. Learning to love all parts of you is a huge part of healing.


Therapies I am able to integrate

1. Person Centred therapy
2. Psychodynamic therapy
3. Transactional analysis
4. Attachment-based therapy
5. Parts work ( Ego state therapy, Internal family systems and structural dissociation)
6. Existential therapy
7. Gestalt therapy
8. Cognitive behavioral therapy
9. Expressive Psychotherapy & Play therapy
10. EMDR & AF-EMDR therapy

Being trained in EMDR means I will help you to understand how your brain makes connections from a Neuroscience perspective and further facilitate you to update your neural networks. AF- EMDR has a client-centered approach and you will feel empowered to tap into your inner healing resources. I incorporate my learning from somatic therapies like sensorimotor psychotherapy and somatic experiencing to help you access body-based beliefs and release experiences that have been held by the nervous system. Recent research has shown us that not just the brain but the body too is wired based on experiences with negative beliefs such as I am a failure or I am bad.

With your consent, I am happy to incorporate elements of eastern philosophies such as mindfulness and mind and body connections. Because of my diverse training in the UK, USA and in India I am able to integrate Psychotherapy from the west and eastern philosophies to help clients achieve an inner balance of mind body and spirit.

Regardless of any theory or technique, our work will be collaborative, wherein I will be respectful of your pace and timing on moving forward with your goals.

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